This post is an unsponsored and uncensored review of my experience trying SheThinx period underwear. What better way to try out my new Thinx period underwear than during the most intense period I’ve had in a year?!

A year and a half ago, a girl-on-Instagram-turned-friend, posted about loving them a year and a half ago and ever since, I have been contemplating trying them.

Having used them for four cycles now, I wonder what the heck I was so scared of? But the thought of reliving my middle school nightmare of bleeding onto my shorts for the entire school to see, or God forbid the fact that my boyfriend was able to smell that it’s that time. It may have taken me a year and a half to commit to trying, but I’m so happy that I did.

If any boys are reading this, I’m sure I’ve lost you already, but for your girlfriend’s sake, please keep reading.

Since starting treatment for Lyme disease, my cycle has been out of sorts. I get my period every two weeks, which is what inspired me to finally try Thinx. I can’t wear tampons right now, and pads are uncomfortable as ever, but even more than that, I just couldn’t get over the amount of waste that comes with it. According to this article, “A year’s worth of period products, estimate Harvard scientists, leaves a carbon footprint of 5.3 kg CO2 equivalents. And pads aren’t exempt: up to 90 percent of the materials in pads themselves and their packaging are plastics that aren’t recyclable. It’s been calculated that the environmental impact of one pad is the same as four plastic bags.” These stats are for one woman having one cycle per month, but I was creating enough waste for two. Not to mention that I don’t want to knowingly be putting plastic into my body.

When I put in my order for my Thinx Period underwear, I had this in mind: two thongs for light days so I can still wear yoga pants, two hiphuggers, one boyshort for sleeping and home workouts, and one high-waisted for heavy days. I received them a week later, and what do you know—my period arrived the day after, and it was the worst one I had in 8 months. I can assure you, I tested the FULL durability of this product and am excited to share my report with you.

SIZING: Thinx period underwear fits a little snug, however, they are meant to for full protection. I generally wear a size medium—sometimes a large if I want full booty coverage. All the pairs that I ordered were medium, and they fit perfectly. The boyshort style felt a little tight on my tummy on my most bloated days, but it didn’t bother me much. The high-waisted style fits perfectly, bloated or not. It was tight enough to stay in place but loose enough so that it wasn’t constricting or uncomfortable.

COMFORTABILITY: Once you are able to let go of the fear that you’re going to experience an “accident” using this underwear, you get to enjoy the fact that they are genuinely majorly comfortable. The high-waisted are my favorite for daytime activities, and the boyshort provides comfort with the extra coverage assurance for any nighttime leakage (which by the way, has never happened in my 4 cycles of wearing Thinx).

FUNCTION: For myself and to properly test this underwear, I wanted to test out just how good these things worked – so I kept them on way longer than I should have, three separate times. Two of the three times, no leakage happened but I could tell things were starting to not absorb and get a little wonky, so I finally changed them. The third, I experience *slight* leakage (with the hiphugger style) while laying down for an acupuncture appointment. Keep in mind, I purposely didn’t change them for over 8 hours just to see what would happen – so don’t let this worry you. These are just the things I do for the ‘gram, and so you don’t have to. When using as normal I experienced zero issues, only comfort, and full functionality. Even wearing the thong style on my light days while working out, I felt confident doing even the craziest of yoga poses. The only downfall that I noticed was that since the absorbing fabric is black, it’s hard to tell just how heavy your flow is. After a few uses, you can start to tell based on how rinsing goes though.

UPKEEP: After wearing your Thinx, they need to be rinsed. If you don’t handle blood well, these undies may not be for you. Upon changing pairs, the undies need to be rinsed underwater. I rinse and squeeze mine until the water runs clear, then hang them to dry unless I’m doing laundry immediately. I have enough pairs to get me through two-ish days, so I generally wash twice during my cycle or hand wash them in my sink if I’m still on my flow. After my four (heavy and long) cycles, I noticed the undies didn’t smell *clean* coming out of the wash. I decided to soak them in my Thieves laundry soap and warm water in my sink for an hour, then rewash. This did the trick, and they’re good as new again.

QUESTIONS FROM MY INSTAGRAM STICKER: I wanted to take a minute to respond to any questions I got from my Instagram poll that I did not answer above.

Do you feel wet/gross?: The only time I felt gross was during the few times I deliberately wore them too long. Otherwise, I sometimes had the joy of almost forgetting I was on my period entirely.

Do you feel confident?: I love this question because I know just how challenging a moon cycle can be for confidence and feeling good. Even though pads are hidden and no one knows you’re wearing one, it still feels like you’re wearing a large adult-sized diaper that the whole world can notice. Wearing my Thinx is honestly the most confident I’ve ever felt on my period because they help me feel sexier and less… diaper-y.

Do you still wear a tampon or pad with them?: No! The whole point of using Thinx, to me, was to reduce my waste while on my cycle, so I only wear the underwear. The only time I *might* consider this option is if I’m going to be gone for an extended period of time and don’t want to change my Thinx while I’m out. For example, if I were at a wedding ceremony and reception. I might be inclined to throw a tampon into the mix and wear my Thinx as well so that later in the evening, I can simply take out the tampon and have my period underwear on. Otherwise, totally not necessary!

How long do you wear it? I’m used to switching my tampon every 4 hours: It depends on the style and your flow. Each style is labeled on the website for what it can handle. For example, the standard hiphuggers can hold up to two tampons worth. I generally find myself changing when I wake up, around 2 pm, and before bed on my heaviest days.

VERDICT: 10/10 would recommend. These are comfortable, functional, and an earth-conscious solution over pads and tampons. Not to mention, you’re keeping the micro-plastics and chemicals in pads and tampons out of your hoo-ha.

Okay, okay! I meant to keep this brief, but I think there’s a lot to say on this topic—especially for those who have never heard of Thinx or considered an alternative to pads and tampons. I really think it’s something that we should talk about more so that so many women don’t operate their cycles in the dark and we can all make more earth-conscious decisions! If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out and I can help answer them for you! Thanks for reading!

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