You probably already know what I’m going to say. Cutting an onion. I’ve heard all the tricks… run hot water nearby, leave the root intact, lemon juice, freezing the onion, what have you. None of them work for me. So if you have some magical trick, please feel free to share!

How to cut an onion is one of the first techniques I learned in culinary school. It’s a basic technique used constantly, as onions are a great source for flavor building in cooking. I’ve gotten a ton of questions on how to properly cut an onion. As any chef will tell you, there are many ways to do something that achieves the same end result. Here is how we cut an onion – a quick and easy way to dice and slice an onion:

Tips for our method:

  • Use a sharp knife – this makes all the difference. A sharp knife makes this technique easy, and a lot safer.
  • Keep your fingers out of the way. When making the horizontal cuts to dice, be sure to keep your fingers even with your palm.
  • Make the horizontal and vertical cuts as big or small as your desires dice size. For example: if you want a small dice, make both sets of cuts about 1/4 inch apart.

Mastering this trick is important since onions are a foundational ingredient in so many recipes!

We like using cutting boards with grips on the sides to prevent the board from slipping, like these:

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