I am all about reducing waste and going as plastic-free as possible and as a multi-passionate being, I recognize it’s hard to learn and navigate this process without help. My friend Courtney is currently studying Sustainability, and she is also extremely passionate about making earth-conscious choices. We decided to collaborate on this waste-free gift guide to help you step into the holiday season with ideas for gifting sustainably. 

for the friend that is always on the go, bamboo utensils $14

It can be hard to eat on-the-go without only having plastic utensils as an option. We love this bamboo set to keep in a backpack or purse so there’s always a reusable option on hand.

for the friend that loves coffee, a reusable tumbler $15-25

We love a good traveler. Whether you’re drinking coffee or tea, having one of these around to avoid using single-use cups can be helpful.

Kristyn’s pick: Stojo Cups, because they’re collapsible and don’t take up as much room in a bag.

Courtney’s pick: Keep Cup or Joco Cups because they are sleek, durable, and plastic-free (except for the lid on the keep cup which is BPA free and recyclable).

for the snack loving friend, Stasher bags $10-$20

These reusable bags can be frozen, microwaved, and dishwashed, say what?! They’re great for snacks and on-the-go meals, and the new stand up bag is great for taking leftovers home from a restaurant.

for the boho friend that loves handmade gifts, a macrame piece $12-$50

What’s better than beautiful handmade pieces made with sustainable materials and supporting small businesses? Consciously Crafty makes everything from keychains and earrings to plant holders and decor pieces.

for the natural beauty guru, hair and body bars $13+

Bar shampoo, conditioner, lotions, etc. are a great way to avoid the plastic bottles these products usually come in. Ethique has some bomb sample packs, so you don’t even have to choose which is the best product for your friend – they can try several in one. Educated Earthling also has wonderful all-natural, vegan, plastic-free, cruelty-free, palm-oil free, and sustainable options.

These are just a few of our favorite (eco- friendly) things!

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