My name is Kristyn Granahan. I’m super excited you’re here – because we’re a lot alike, you and I. We both love to cook! Okay, okay… let’s be real. We both just love to eat, and eat good!

For me it all started standing on a chair hovering over my mom baking desserts, or watching my grandpa cook us up some chili from across the kitchen. As I got older, I started making cakes for side money and really developed a passion for food. I went on to culinary school and earned my degree and certification. I got the chance to try out for American Culinary Federation Jr. Team USA, where I participated in the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg and various other cooking competitions as team captain.

What do I have to say about all my experiences? It is really like it is on TV… Chefs do yell at you, and sometimes even throw things. But also, cooking is simple, once you’ve mastered basic techniques. I am excited to share my passion with you. Let’s have fun!

Meet The Team:


 Jen is a cook, photographer, and overall badass. On top of working in a restaurant, she does independent catering and photography. After going to school for business, she went to culinary to pursue her passion for food. She’s got an incredible Instagram feed featuring her hashtag theme #WhatJenHolds. Check her out here.

About Us

Simply Seasoned was created as a resource to bring tips and tricks from a professional kitchen to a home setting. We are building a food blog with your best interests in mind.